Cod. DA9993

Low Lid External Dimensions 510mm L x 400mm W x 230mm H

Internal Dimensions 450mm L x 340mm W x 205mm H

Stay organised and keep your equipment protected with these durable, stackable storage units. Manufactured from super tough black high density polyethylene plastic, the boxes lock tight with catches and feature a ribbed structure for additional strength.

The boxes can be stacked on top of each other, with the base fitting firmly with the lid below reducing shifting of cargo in transit. Given the rigid structure of the boxes, ratchet straps can be used to hold boxes in position without damaging any of the contents.

The storage capabilities of these boxes are limitless – from camping equipment, food supplies, recovery equipment, camera supplies and much more. Enabling you to keep your packing space organised and easy to access, whether that be in the boot or on the roof rack. The boxes are big enough to hold your supplies, whilst still being easy to lift in and out of your vehicle and are available in low and high lid options.


>Durable high density polyethylene plastic

>Lock tight with catches

>Integrated grab handles

>Water resistant

>Drainage holes


>Ribbed structure

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51 X 40 X 23 CM

Lato Guida: LHD or RHD


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