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LongRanger fuel tanks are a safe and simple way to increase your vehicles travelling range. Additional fuel capacity is essential for any Land Rover heading off into remote areas. The long range fuel tanks are designed with the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing processes. Using 2mm aluminised steel (14 gauge) as the material of choice for the fuel tanks, the tank is individually designed and tailored to suit each vehicle incorporating features such as internal baffling, anti surge dam, in-built expansion chamber and fully sealed brackets. Pre-drilled holes in mounting brackets for fast & easy installation. Fully baffled for better fuel usage & stronger tank design. Comprehensive fitting kit & instructions.

Fuel type: Diesel
Capacity: 104 litres – 186 litres in total when combined with factory 82 litres tank
Fitting location: In place of spare wheel behind rear diff
Filler location: Original, new dual filler neck supplied in kit to replace
OEM Fuel transfer: Transfer pump (supplied with automatic pump cut-off, gauge & sender unit)
Exhaust modifications: None
Other modifications: Spare wheel must be relocated, retains standard departure angle. Access to cargo area required to remove wheel winder (drawer units will be a problem). fits with factory tow bar & Kaymar rear bar
Features: Automatic pump cut off. Fully baffled for better fuel usage and stronger tank design. Pre-drilled holes in mounting brackets for fast & easy installation.

Cross Break Strengthening :
This is a simple and effective feature to aid in the stiffening of large flat panels. This technique reduces the risk of a fuel or water tank suffering from fatigue related stress cracks when travelling on extreme corrugations.

Leading Edge Deflection :
Angle Incorporating a leading edge deflection angle on the front lower section of the fuel tank allows road debris to be easily deflected. This means the tank is marginally smaller in capacity, but in those tricky situations going over mounds of dirt and rocks you are less likely to get hung up than on a tank which hangs to low with a square leading edge.

Max Fold :
Using this feature we maximise the sheet by making the base of the fuel tank from one side to the other in one continuous piece of metal. This ensures the minimum amount of heat and possible stress from welded joins.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test :
At the LongRanger factory each & every fuel tank undergoes a pressure test while being placed under water at a maximum of 5 psi.

Transfer Pump :
The LongRanger exclusively uses solid state cube pumps. These units have been proven on thousands of applications. Solid state pumps are covered by the manufacturers 12 month warranty.

The LongRanger Fuel Hose :
The LongRanger fuel delivery hose is manufactured to SAE standards. The fuel hose can be used in applications such as: automotive fuel lines, emission control hose and commercial usage. Suitable for both diesel, leaded and unleaded fuels.

Sender Unit :
To ensure the safe operation of your vehicle it is important to be reliably informed about the current fuel level at all times. Our 0-90 ohms senders measure the level in the tank and send the information to the LED display. The fuel sending unit has a float that connects itself to the metal rod. The end of this rod is connected to the variable resistor that resists the electrical flow. Our sender units are covered by the manufacturers 12 month warranty.

Shape :
Good design practices are what make a fuel tank both usable and functional. Some manufactures build cheap large sheet metal boxes and bolt them under a vehicle and call it a fuel tank. At the LongRanger we take the design a little more serious. Attention to detail and decades of experience building tanks has taught us what it takes to make a great product.

Switch/Gauge Timer :
All you have to do is turn the transfer pump on when your main tank gets to ¼ full, our timer module will take care of the rest. No worrying about when to turn it off, no annoying buzzers. A neat round profile including a LED display with push button switch for transferring fuel. The switch/gauge has an automatic dimming function for easy on the eye night driving. With its small footprint (20mm hole x 65mm depth) this unit will fit neatly into just about any modern vehicle. Another unique feature incorporated in most of our Auxiliary tanks is the timer function to turn the transfer pump off automatically. We have incorporated two timers to turn the pump off, these are activated when the auxiliary tank is getting low or when the main tank is almost full. The timer modules are set at our factory to suit each tank and shipped ready to use as the settings vary depending on the size of the Auxiliary and Main tanks. A comprehensive owners operating manual is provided in our fitting kit outlining all the details to maximise the use of this great feature. Along with the LED bar style gauge we have a “pump on” light to remind you it is transferring fuel and when the pump has entered the countdown mode to turn off automatically it will start to flash to let you know it’s almost completed the transfer. Switch/Gauges are covered by the manufacturers 12 month warranty.

Parallel Break Strengthening :
Just like Cross Break Strengthening this feature aids in the stiffening of large flat panels and reduces the risk of a fuel or water tank suffering from fatigue related stress cracks when travelling on extreme corrugations. We usually incorporate these on the very bottom of a tank.

Baffles :
Help add strength to the bottom of a tank, this is especially important for a 4WD when bottoming the tank out on obstacles with the pickup unit sitting on the bottom which could be damaged, if the new tank design is lower than the OEM tank this is even more important with the tank being more vulnerable to accidental obstacle contact. A well designed long range tank should incorporate baffles for improved off-road performance as baffles also help retain the fuel around the pickup unit. With long range tanks generally being longer or wider than the OEM tank when low on fuel it can ‘run away’ from the pickup when driving in undulating terrain and possibly cause the engine to starve for fuel leaving you in an unpredictable situation and potentially unsafe location.

Varianti Disponibili
Lato Guida: LHD or RHD
Posizione Applicazione: Rear
Compatibilità Veicoli:
– Discovery III / 2.7 – TdV6 Diesel
– Discovery III / 3.0 – TdV6
– Discovery IV / 2.7 – TdV6 Diesel
– Discovery IV / 3.0 TdV6 Diesel


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